Resound Hearing Aids Reviews

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Resound Hearing Aids Reviews

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The Hearing Fix


ReSound is one of several different Danish manufacturers renowned for their commitment to developing trendsetting hearing solutions. Compared to other companies, the ReSound brand is fairly new and was formed at the turn of the century.  ReSound hearing aids are manufactured to offer an attractive blend of functionality and comfort. The company’s range of products was further widened with its acquisition of another manufacturing company, Beltone. Like many of the top hearing aid manufacturers, Resound invests heavily in finding new hearing solutions. The company works closely with audiologists and hearing specialists involved in acoustic research.


Resound Hearing Aids Models/Types

Resound’s product line is aimed at offering a wide range of options. Resound hearing aids can be found in either of the popular hearing aid styles, namely;

  • In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids
  • Behind the Ear (BTC) hearing aids
  • Completely in the Canal hearing aids

Individuals with hearing loss can choose from a wide range of different hearing solutions depending on their needs. Some models are only available as ITE solutions, some with BTE features and others with either of the two options. The following is a list of some of the brands currently available.

  • Resound New Tone Model
  • Resound Alera
  • Resound Pixel
  • Resound Canto4
  • Resound Air
  • Resound Metrix
  • Resound Plus 5
  • Resound Dot 2
  • Resound Danalogic
  • Resound Viking
  • Resound Danasond
  • Resound Azure
  • Resound Essence

Resound Hearing Aids


Resound Hearing Aid Prices

The Resound Essence is the company’s budget friendly option and is offered $1,599. Other models such as the Dot 2, Live and Sparx are priced above $1,800. The cost of a resound hearing aid is largely determined by its features.  For instance, the Resound Azure is a fairly recent model fitted with advanced features including Resound’s Tru Fit. This makes it a less affordable option than older models.


With flexible Resound hearing aid prices, buyers can choose to find the ideal hearing solution that is suited to their hearing needs. Most hearing aids manufactured by Resound are offered with a three or two year warranty.


The Bottom Line

Resound hearing aids are an often recommended option. These hearing devices are strong, fitted with good supportive technologies and designed out of friendly materials. Most resound hearing aid reviews stress on the comfort and robust design offered with each model. Resound hearing aids are however not the most affordable options. Individuals searching for budget friendly options may therefore wish to consider alternative manufacturers.