Phonak Hearing Aids

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Phonak Hearing aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids offer some of the best features in signal processing, comfort factor and function.  The innovations and rapid research invested into the development of its hearing solutions has made Phonak one of the global leaders in the quality hearing aid market.

Phonak Hearing Aids: The Company

For over 6 decades, Phonak has led the advance in research on acoustic and wireless devices. Today, the company is widely recognized as a provider of innovative hearing aids fitted with revolutionary communication options. Phonak hearing aids have won several awards for the beauty of their design, one of which was the 2011 iF Product Design awards. Phonak is also responsible for SoundRecover, a revolutionary algorithm that significantly improves the function of hearing aids.

The company is constantly working with international universities and research centers towards discovering even better solutions. Today, Phonak hearing aids are sold in over 100 countries with sales partners and locations in each.

Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews of Design/Features

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

The hearing aid solutions offered by Phonak can be broadly fit into two different categories; Behind the Ear Models and Custom Models. Behind the ear (BTE) models, like the name suggests are made up of external parts that can be comfortably worn behind the ears. They are quite effective in catching ambient sound and amplifying them for the listener. Custom models are designed specifically to fit within the confines of the ear while offering the best possible comfort.  Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews show that they are built with different design features. Some of these include;

  • UltraZoom Premium: The UltraZoom feature provides greater comfort in noisy situations where several people are talking at the same time. The UltraZoom closes in on the voice in front of the speaker while reducing the voice and noises coming from behind and the side.
  • Auto ZoomControl: Auto ZoomControl slides backwards and forwards to stay in sync with the speaker. This is a useful feature in cars or lines where you cannot always move your head to focus on what the listener is saying.
  • Stereo Zoom: Phonak hearing aids fitted with stereo zoom are optimized for one on one conversation even in noisy settings. Stereo Zoom, focuses on the words of the speaker while filtering out the ambient noise.
  • SoundRecover: With SoundRecover, listeners are able to enjoy wider access to high pitched sounds. This is a useful feature with individuals who are having difficulty hearing high pitch sounds. Sound recover enhances the amplitude of these sounds making them more audible.
  • DuoPhone: DuoPhone is a useful feature that allows the listener follow a phone conversation with both ears. This reduces the amount of background noise and makes it easier for the listener to follow the phone conversation.




Phonak Hearing aids are widely respected for their beauty and the quality of their design. Phonak hearing aids are not designed to be cheap, or even discounted. They are built for those who value quality. They are built with advanced features that make them an attractive option for most people.  Most Phonak hearing aids are designed to be sweat, dust, and water resistant ensuring long lasting performance. Some of its popular products include the Phonak Ambra, Solana, Dalia, Cassia, CROS and Lyric. Others include the Naida S, Audeo S and Exelia Art.