Oticon Hearing Aids

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Oticon Hearing Aids

In a market filled with dozens of different brands of hearing aids, Oticon Hearing Aids Reviews show the it can stand out. The company is recognized as one of the three largest providers of hearing solutions. Oticon hearing aids are used by people in over 100 countries. Millions of people have been able to significantly improve their hearing with the use of the solutions developed by the company.

Oticon: The Company

Oticon is known for its many achievements. The company developed the world’s first fully automatic hearing aid as well as the first digital hearing device. Every year, the company invests a sizeable amount of its revenue toward furthering the progress of research and development. The bulk of the company’s efforts are focused on four key areas: Business support, fitting, technology and audiology.


Oticon Hearing Aids Reviews: The Different Designs

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon has close to a dozen different hearing aid solutions. Below are some of the more popular options:

  • Agil: The Oticon Agil is a hearing device built to restore the ease at which people follow conversations. The hearing aid is fitted with the company’s Spatial Sound 2.0 and Speed Guard which enhances the ability of the user to organize and distinguish different sounds in noisy environments such as loud restaurants, sports arenas, or social events. The Oticon Agil can be found in different colors as well.
  • Acto: The Oticon Acto is equipped with advanced features that deliver crisp sound. The clear performance of the Acto allows people to communicate with more confidence. Like many other Oticon hearing aids, wearers of the Acto will find it easier to distinguish between individual sounds in noisy environments. Oticon Acto can be found in different styles ranging from Behind the Ear to In the Ear models.
  • Oticon ConnectLine:  With ConnectLine, users of Acto instruments can enjoy their favorite TV or music by streaming the sound wirelessly to their hearing device. ConnectLine can even be used with mobile phones.
  • Oticon Safari: Oticon hearing aids under the Safari brand are specially designed to capture a broader bandwidth range. They are an ideal choice with people who have difficulties hearing particular pitches and sounds especially in settings filled with rapidly fluctuating sounds. Children who use the Safari are able to enhance their speech because of their enhanced hearing to the different vocal nuances.
  • Oticon Chilli: Individuals diagnosed with severe hearing loss can gain substantial relief with the use of the Oticon Chilli. Oticon Chilli is capable of evaluating different sounds and prioritizing them for the listener, with speech superseding all other sounds.


In the last three decades, Oticon has won over a dozen different awards based on the company’s achievements. The company maintains sales offices in 22 countries alongside dozens of independent distributors.

It is estimated that close to a billion people around the world are affected with hearing loss. This number is expected to increase by a third in the coming century. Hearing loss is not just restricted to senior citizens. Close to 12% of people experiencing hearing difficulty are below the age of 18. Oticon is committed to providing the best possible solution for people with varying degrees of hearing loss.

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