Lyric Hearing Aids Reviews 2012

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Lyric hearing aid reviews

Reviews of the Lyric Hearing Aid

Manufactured by the brand Phonak, the Lyric hearing aid is completely discreet and meant to be worn all day and all night, no matter what activity the user is doing. It is a completely-in-canal device that can be worn up to a few months at a time, according the Lyric’s website. The device can be worn while showering, exercising, sleeping, and talking on the phone for 120 days with the long-lasting battery, so the user doesn’t have to worry about daily removal or replacing batteries.

The discreet design of Lyric hearing aid can help those who suffer from mild to moderately-severe hearing loss improve their confidence. Because the entire device lies deep in the ear canal, it is impossible to detect a user is wearing the hearing aid, and the device doesn’t interfere with phone usage. Confidence is sorely underrated in today’s society, although it is easy to see that more confident people appear happier. Users who are self conscious about wearing hearing aids may want to consider Lyric’s risk-free trial (professional fees and annual subscriptions may apply).

Lyric hearing aids are sold on a subscription basis, and consumers must purchase one year’s worth of hearing devices. The company promises the most-advanced technology to its consumers because the hearing aids are replaced yearly, so the newest devices are given out when the subscription is renewed. Lyric hearing aid reviews are turning out to be very positive.

Lyric Hearing Aid Reviews

Design of Lyric hearing aids

The small, completely-in-canal design of the Lyric hearing aids allow the device to rest next to the user’s ear drum. This allows sound to enter the ear in a natural way, which improves the Lyric hearing aid’s ability to detect sound direction. The listening device then amplifies the incoming sound, reducing feedback and background noise for better sound quality and understanding. Lyric’s soft housing conforms to the contour of the user’s ear canal for a comfortable fit, and the wearer can still adjust the volume or turn the listening device off or on.

Completely-in-canal devices sometimes create an occlusion effect, which feels like something is blocking the canal or that there is an object covering the ear. Phonak’s Lyric hearing aids diminish this effect by being placed further into the canal than other devices, which trap the occlusion effect-causing sounds.

Because the hearing aid sits so deep in the canal, and so close to the ear drum, feedback is severely reduced. Lyric hearing aids require less output because they are within 4 millimeters of the ear drum. This also means there is less output between the frequencies that most commonly create feedback, 2,000-3,000 Hz. Feedback is also caused when listening devices move or become dislodged. Lyric’s soft casing creates a seal while fitting snugly in the canal by conforming to the canal’s shape. So movement doesn’t dislodge Lyric hearing aids, rather, they continue to conform to the shape of the canal.

Lyric’s listening devices are placed in the canal by a Lyric-trained professional, so surgery is not necessary. There is no anesthesia required, and fittings can be completed in approximately one hour. After 120 days, or when the hearing aid no longer functions, users return to the Lyric office for a short replacement fitting, which usually lasts around 10 minutes.


Lyric hearing aid reviews

Based on a phone survey conducted by Phonak of 100 Lyric users, 91 percent of wearers who used the product for at least 30 days were completely satisfied with the Lyric hearing aid. Eighty-six percent were satisfied with the natural-sounding noise quality, and 94 percent said Lyric hearing aids were more comfortable than other brands worn.

While showering with a Lyric hearing aid is no big deal, swimming and diving are not recommended. And because wearers must go to a Lyric office for a professional to extract the device, it cannot be taken out and replaced easily if swimming is on the agenda. Like all hearing aids, the wearer’s lifestyle must be taken into consideration before purchasing any device. Those who spend a lot of time in the water will likely be happier purchasing a more costly waterproof device that will better serve them.


Lyric hearing aid prices – 2012

Prices and fees are not available on Lyric’s website, but the hearing aids are sold by subscription only. According to a Daily Mail article written in May 2012, when the Lyric hearing aid was released in the UK, subscriptions cost £100 (or $154.48) a month, which comes out to £6,000 ($9268.80) for five years. This is significantly more than other hearing aids which would last at least five years of use. In 2009, EmaxHealth reported a yearly subscription of $1,700, or $141.67 a month. According to HubPages, a yearly subscription in 2012 is up to $3,000. So far, it seems the only negative aspect of Lyric hearing aids is the price.

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