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Amplifon Hearing Aids Review


Amplifon: Company Offers More Than Hearing Aids

In the world of hearing loss, you may encounter Amplifon hearing aids but may struggle in finding a significant amount of information about the products. The reason for this is that Amplifon does not manufacture hearing aids. Instead, it owns other companies that manufacture and sell the hearing devices.

Amplifon envisions a world where everyone can enjoy life, whether or not they require hearing aids. To help those with varying degrees of hearing loss, the website for Amplifon’s headquarters states that the company strives to overcome social stigmas, psychological barriers and bias toward hearing aids.

Hearing aids have come a long way in terms of style, design and technology since their first implementation. That is why those who suffer from hearing loss should no longer feel ashamed for wearing hearing devices. Amplifon hearing aids can be worn inside the ear canal, inside the ear, and behind the ear, giving a lot of options for every user. Higher levels of discreetness are available with the incredible technology to provide speech understanding with minimal feedback. Each hearing aid features different options and technological advances, so consumers should choose one that fits their lifestyles.


Social responsibility with Amplifon

The company doesn’t just see itself as Amplifon hearing aid providers, but as a worldwide community company. Amplifon is part of many corporate social responsibility programs to further hearing loss acceptance and knowledge.

  • Germany: PopCamp and PopAcademy are programs that support young musicians in Germany. Amplifon distributes free devices for hearing protection at concerts organized in the most populated areas.
  • Hungary: In 2010, the company sponsored the National Athletics Championship for students with hearing loss. The company also donated its furniture to a primary school in 2003. In 2009, the company provided needed funding for the school to reopen.
  • Italy: Amplifon’s home country sees  many benefits from the country, including support for UNICEF, Race in the City, and the “Manifesto for responsible use of the female image.”
  • Portugal: During the “Saude Auditiva” program, Amplifon Portugal provided assistance to low-income individuals with hearing issues.
  • Switzerland: Amplifon is partnered with Telefonketten that provides a phone chain for elderly people who live alone and are not mobile in order for them to make new contacts and have regular contact with others.
  • The Netherlands: Amplifon supports the Dutch Hearing Dog foundation which trains dogs to aid people with hearing loss. Also, each year, the company sends hearing aids to Indonesia, Thailand, Africa and Guatemala.
  • United States: Amplifon’s Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation provides free hearing aids and exams to children from low-income families.
Amplifon hearing aids Reviews

Amplifon hearing aids


U.S. Amplifon hearing aids

Currently in the United States, Amplifon employs other companies to produce quality hearing aids to be sold through the parent company’s offspring Sonus and Miracle-Ear. Amplifon also sells hearing aids to Sears and Wal-Mart hearing centers. Information on Wal-Mart hearing centers could not be obtained from Wal-Mart’s website, and Sears’ website automatically redirects visitors to Miracle-Ear’s site after prompting visitors to enter a zip code.


Amplifon hearing aid reviews

Below is a list of countries in which Amplifon has a presence and the associated hearing aid company available1.

  • Australia: National Hearing Care
  • Belgium: Amplifon Belgium
  • Canada: Sonus
  • Egypt: Amplifon Middle East
  • Hungary: Amplifon Hungary Ltd.
  • India: Amplifon
  • Ireland: Amplifon UK
  • Italy: Amplifon Italia
  • France: Amplifon France
  • Germany: Amplifon Deutschland GmbH
  • Luxembourg: Amplifon Luxembourg
  • New Zealand: Bay Audiology, National Hearing Care
  • Portugal: Amplifon Portugal
  • Spain: Amplifon Ibérica
  • Switzerland: Amplifon AG
  • The Netherlands: Beter Horen
  • Turkey: Maxtone
  • United Kingdom: Amplifon UK


Amplifon Awards

The Amplifon hearing aid network is no stranger to winning awards. In 2011, the company won four prestigious awards.

  • Transatlantic Award 2011 Digital World: This award was presented to the company for the advancements made by the Elite Hearing Network, HearPO, Miracle-Ear, and Sonus in the United States. Due to these efforts, Amplifon was chosen as a company that most promoted and developed relations between the United States and Italy.
  • 2011 – Lido Vanni Prize for Excellence: Amplifon was selected for its ability to innovate and contribute to the development and growth in the Italian economy.
  • M&A Award 2011: In the category of “Italian acquisitions abroad,” Amplifon was recognized for acquiring the National Hearing Care, which led the markets in three countries. This put the company on Italy’s corporate horizon for contributing to the country’s development and competitiveness.
  • 2011 Rebrand 100 Global Awards: Amplifon was branded the best, worldwide corporate brand repositioning project for its distinguished brand transformation business plan.