Mixed Hearing Loss Treatment

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Hearing Loss Treatment

Discover the Best Natural Treatment for Mixed Hearing Loss

When people suffer from mixed hearing loss, they have a combination of two separate hearing health issues. The two types of hearing problems that co-exist to produce mixed hearing loss are conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. With this sort of hearing loss, the inner ear and middle ear may be affected.

If you suffer from mixed hearing loss or suspect that you may have this common hearing problem, you should know that there is hope. When you choose the Hearing Fix, you’ll gain access to a natural supplement that is custom-blended to alleviate some of the worst symptoms of this type of hearing disorder.

By boosting the power of healthy nerves within the ear, the Hearing Fix improves sensorineural hearing loss, and it works almost instantly. Over time, regular usage of this affordable formula will also protect your healthy hearing nerves from degeneration that leads to even more severe hearing loss.

Since nerve damage is at the root of sensorineural hearing loss, and sensorineural hearing loss is one of the primary causes of mixed hearing loss, choosing a formula that strengthens nerves in the middle and inner ear will be a very wise treatment strategy.

Hearing Aids are Awfully Expensive

While hearing aids are also used to treat this sort of hearing loss, they have their pros and cons. One of the biggest drawbacks of hearing aids is their high price. Since the best hearing aids may sell for over five thousand dollars a pair (and up), one may liken investing in them to buying a nice used car. Since medical or health insurance typically does not cover much (if any) of the cost of these pricey accessories, purchasing them will always put a huge dent in your pocketbook.

In addition, hearing aids require programming, maintenance, and batteries. Of course, they may also affect the way that you feel about your appearance, since larger, behind-the-ear hearing aids are often quite noticeable.

Choose a Holistic Formula that Really Gets Results

By going for a natural mixed hearing loss treatment, rather than spending thousands of dollars on hearing aids, you’ll begin to experience hearing improvements from the inside out. When you choose the Hearing Fix, you’ll get the benefit of the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and active botanicals. These ingredients will be one hundred percent natural and safe to use, and they will give your hearing nerves the support and care that they need to work at peak levels.

Some people who use the Hearing Fix notice hearing improvements within hours, and they choose to take this formula as a hearing “booster” before enjoying social occasions. Others take the formula daily (according to the package directions) to keep their hearing as good as it can be. Another benefit of using the Hearing Fix is that it will protect your hearing from worsening over time. Therefore, this effective supplement is a multi-purpose, all natural treatment for mixed hearing loss, and it’s also totally safe and affordable.

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Cookie Bite Hearing Loss Treatment

What You Need to Know about Cookie Bite Hearing Loss

This type of hearing loss gets its unusual name from the shape of its audiogram “hearing curve”. When people get tested for hearing loss, they get special tests called audiograms, which measure hearing levels at different frequencies. When people are suffering from cookie bite hearing loss, their hearing curves look like round cookie shapes, minus single bites! This sort of hearing loss robs people of their ability to hear sounds in the mid-range, rather than the high or low frequencies.

Cookie Bite Hearing Loss Causes

In most cases, this type of hearing loss is inherited, and it may be discovered when a boy or girl has his or her first hearing test. In other cases, this type of hearing problem is not diagnosed until the teens or adult years. In fact, many people who have probably been living with cookie bite hearing loss symptoms for decades (without a formal diagnosis) don’t discover exactly what the problem is until they are beyond thirty years of age (or even older).

Cookie Bite Hearing Loss Treatment

Now that you understand what cookie bite hearing loss is, you’re probably wondering what can be done to fix the problem. While there is currently no “cure” for this type of hearing loss, there are ways to enjoy great improvements in hearing, and one of them is The Hearing Fix. This all-natural supplement targets the healthy nerves within the ears, supporting them with a range of beneficial vitamins, minerals and active botanicals. By making these nerves stronger, this safe and affordable dietary supplement improves cookie bite hearing loss, without any adverse side effects or symptoms.

Of course, there are other options. For example, hearing aids may be used to improve hearing in the mid-range. However, many people with cookie bite hearing loss are not able to afford to spend thousands of dollars on these types of hearing aids, since they are usually not covered by health insurance. If you’re on a budget or you just don’t like the idea of wearing hearing aids all of the time, choosing the Hearing Fix may give you the improvements that you need, without the huge cash outlay.

Order the Hearing Fix from the Comfort and Privacy of Your Own Home

You may order the Hearing Fix from the comfort and privacy of your home, so it’s a very convenient way to get assistance, without enduring endless appointments with audiologists or hearing aid practitioners. For many people, a regular course of treatment with the Hearing Fix is all that is needed to improve hearing and to boost general happiness and self-confidence.

This product may be used daily to boost hearing and to protect from further hearing loss, and it may also be used “as needed” before special occasions, such as business meetings or other social gatherings. Since it works fast, it is able to improve hearing when it really matters most.

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Reference: http://thehearingfix.com/blog/2012/07/cookie-bite-hearing-loss-treatment/

High Frequency Hearing Loss Treatment

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 high frequency hearing-loss

High Frequency Hearing Loss

When people suffer from high frequency hearing loss, they just can’t hear high-pitched sounds the way
that they used to. In fact, some people are born with this type of hearing loss, so they are never able to hear higher-register sounds (unless they are lucky enough to find the right treatment for this common hearing disorder). However, most of the time, people develop this hearing problem later in life, because they are exposed to noise that damages the tender nerves of the inner ear.

These hair-like “hearing” nerves are very delicate, and they may degenerate or die when subjected to excessive noise exposure. Exposure may be cumulative or due to one specific incident. Since we all get exposed to very high levels of noise every day, from the screeching brakes of a city transit bus to the sounds of jackhammers or rock concerts, high frequency hearing loss is definitely on the rise.

Causes of high frequency hearing loss

These may include genetic predispositions to hearing loss, or certain illnesses or diseases. As you can see, causes of high frequency hearing loss1 are myriad, but the symptoms of this hearing disorder are always the same. Hearing is wiped out in the higher frequencies, making it difficult to understand so many important, everyday sounds, such as high-pitched voices, the beeps of machines or appliances, and fire or smoke alarms. To stay safe and enjoy life while dealing with this sort of hearing loss, you need to find a treatment that helps you to hear better and feel more confident and alert.

high frequency hearing loss

Get the Right Natural Treatment for Your High Frequency Hearing Loss

If you suffer from this condition, you may feel very frustrated, because this type of hearing loss really impacts your ability to connect with other people and to understand what is going on around you.

Men, women and children who suffer from hearing loss, whether mild, moderate, severe or profound, often feel very isolated from others and from the world at large. If you’ve experienced the loneliness, embarrassment and confusion that high frequency hearing loss brings, you are likely desperate to rid yourself of your affliction. One of the best ways to improve your hearing without pricey hearing aids or surgery is through the power of an all-natural supplement, The Hearing Loss Pill, which is a natural dietary supplement1 designed to give your inner ear nerves the support that they need to work at their very best, and improve high frequency hearing loss.

Sometimes, deficiencies in our bodies contribute to hearing loss, causing nerve degeneration that leads to even worse hearing problems down the line. By correcting these deficiencies with a power-packed assortment of natural active ingredients, the Hearing Loss Pill prevents your hearing from worsening over time, and it also improves your hearing right away. In fact, this formula is so strong (yet totally safe to use), it can actually prevent nerve damage from noise exposure.


People who use the Hearing Loss Pill experience clearer, sharper hearing in the all frequencies, and they find the improvements that they enjoy to be almost miraculous. Since the formula is so affordable and so easy to order online, it’s a cost-effective, convenient treatment strategy that is tailor-made for anyone with hearing loss, whether they wear hearing aids or not.

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Low Frequency Hearing Loss Treatment

Important Information about Low Frequency Hearing Loss

Low frequency hearing loss is hearing loss that robs sufferers of the ability to hear sounds in the lower registers. People with this form of hearing loss may struggle to hear lower male voices and other sounds that fall into the low frequency category.

Hearing loss of this type may be mild, moderate, severe or profound, and it tends to take its toll on communication. Since hearing other people and interacting with them is such an important part of life, learning how to manage this type of hearing loss is very important.

Low Frequency Hearing Loss Help is Out There

If you suffer from low frequency hearing loss, you should know that there is nothing to be afraid of. While a formal diagnosis of low frequency hearing loss may be very upsetting, it is certainly not the end of the world. By using the right treatments for your hearing problem, you may begin to experience improvements in hearing that allow you to connect more easily with others (the way that you used to).

People who choose the proper treatment for their low frequency hearing loss symptoms enjoy better relationships, more career success, and more self-confidence in social situations, such as parties or business meetings.

low frequency hearing loss

Discover the Ultimate Treatment for Low Frequency Hearing Loss

Coping with this type of hearing loss begins with the right natural treatment. The best holistic treatment, the Hearing Fix, works by strengthening healthy nerves in the inner ear to boost all remaining hearing. This common-sense treatment is successfully achieved through an ideal blend of vitamins, minerals, and active botanicals.

Instead of spending a fortune on hearing aids that may not be covered by your medical insurance, why not choose the affordable Hearing Loss Pill formula today? By taking these dietary supplements according to the package directions, you’ll give yourself access to the best organic hearing loss treatment available in the world today, and you’ll be able to enjoy better hearing, even at very low frequencies.

How the Hearing Fix Works

This innovative formula gets rave reviews from customers who have low frequency hearing loss, because it really works. The Hearing Fix assists in optimizing nerve function between the ear and the brain (make the hearing nerves in the ear work better), as well as stopping harmful molecules from causing more damage to the inner ear. This supplement is even powerful enough to limit or prevent hearing loss from exposure to noise. As a treatment and as a preventative measure, the Hearing Fix is truly second to none…

By giving the body access to the ultimate essential compounds for optimum hearing, this formula corrects deficiencies that may be contributing to low frequency hearing loss. The makers of this product are inner ear experts, and they’ve worked hard to create an all-natural formula that reduces tinnitus, boosts hearing in all registers, and prevents further hearing loss. This multipurpose product is the perfect treatment plan, and it will never cause any adverse symptoms or side effects.

No matter what the causes of your low frequency hearing loss are, you’ll find that the Hearing Fix is the answer to your prayers. So, why not order your own supply today, from the comfort and privacy of your own home?




Lyric Hearing Aids Reviews 2012

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Lyric hearing aid reviews

Reviews of the Lyric Hearing Aid

Manufactured by the brand Phonak, the Lyric hearing aid is completely discreet and meant to be worn all day and all night, no matter what activity the user is doing. It is a completely-in-canal device that can be worn up to a few months at a time, according the Lyric’s website. The device can be worn while showering, exercising, sleeping, and talking on the phone for 120 days with the long-lasting battery, so the user doesn’t have to worry about daily removal or replacing batteries.

The discreet design of Lyric hearing aid can help those who suffer from mild to moderately-severe hearing loss improve their confidence. Because the entire device lies deep in the ear canal, it is impossible to detect a user is wearing the hearing aid, and the device doesn’t interfere with phone usage. Confidence is sorely underrated in today’s society, although it is easy to see that more confident people appear happier. Users who are self conscious about wearing hearing aids may want to consider Lyric’s risk-free trial (professional fees and annual subscriptions may apply).

Lyric hearing aids are sold on a subscription basis, and consumers must purchase one year’s worth of hearing devices. The company promises the most-advanced technology to its consumers because the hearing aids are replaced yearly, so the newest devices are given out when the subscription is renewed. Lyric hearing aid reviews are turning out to be very positive.

Lyric Hearing Aid Reviews

Design of Lyric hearing aids

The small, completely-in-canal design of the Lyric hearing aids allow the device to rest next to the user’s ear drum. This allows sound to enter the ear in a natural way, which improves the Lyric hearing aid’s ability to detect sound direction. The listening device then amplifies the incoming sound, reducing feedback and background noise for better sound quality and understanding. Lyric’s soft housing conforms to the contour of the user’s ear canal for a comfortable fit, and the wearer can still adjust the volume or turn the listening device off or on.

Completely-in-canal devices sometimes create an occlusion effect, which feels like something is blocking the canal or that there is an object covering the ear. Phonak’s Lyric hearing aids diminish this effect by being placed further into the canal than other devices, which trap the occlusion effect-causing sounds.

Because the hearing aid sits so deep in the canal, and so close to the ear drum, feedback is severely reduced. Lyric hearing aids require less output because they are within 4 millimeters of the ear drum. This also means there is less output between the frequencies that most commonly create feedback, 2,000-3,000 Hz. Feedback is also caused when listening devices move or become dislodged. Lyric’s soft casing creates a seal while fitting snugly in the canal by conforming to the canal’s shape. So movement doesn’t dislodge Lyric hearing aids, rather, they continue to conform to the shape of the canal.

Lyric’s listening devices are placed in the canal by a Lyric-trained professional, so surgery is not necessary. There is no anesthesia required, and fittings can be completed in approximately one hour. After 120 days, or when the hearing aid no longer functions, users return to the Lyric office for a short replacement fitting, which usually lasts around 10 minutes.


Lyric hearing aid reviews

Based on a phone survey conducted by Phonak of 100 Lyric users, 91 percent of wearers who used the product for at least 30 days were completely satisfied with the Lyric hearing aid. Eighty-six percent were satisfied with the natural-sounding noise quality, and 94 percent said Lyric hearing aids were more comfortable than other brands worn.

While showering with a Lyric hearing aid is no big deal, swimming and diving are not recommended. And because wearers must go to a Lyric office for a professional to extract the device, it cannot be taken out and replaced easily if swimming is on the agenda. Like all hearing aids, the wearer’s lifestyle must be taken into consideration before purchasing any device. Those who spend a lot of time in the water will likely be happier purchasing a more costly waterproof device that will better serve them.


Lyric hearing aid prices – 2012

Prices and fees are not available on Lyric’s website, but the hearing aids are sold by subscription only. According to a Daily Mail article written in May 2012, when the Lyric hearing aid was released in the UK, subscriptions cost £100 (or $154.48) a month, which comes out to £6,000 ($9268.80) for five years. This is significantly more than other hearing aids which would last at least five years of use. In 2009, EmaxHealth reported a yearly subscription of $1,700, or $141.67 a month. According to HubPages, a yearly subscription in 2012 is up to $3,000. So far, it seems the only negative aspect of Lyric hearing aids is the price.

Contact Information:

Lyric Hearing Aids1
Phonak LLC
4520 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville IL 60555
(866) 964-8450



2012 Invisible Hearing Aid Reviews

Invisible Hearing Aids Reviews: The Appeal of Lyric

Hearing aids are invaluable instruments. They are commonly prescribed for people suffering from sensorineural or mixed hearing loss. Millions of people around the world rely on hearing aids for the treatment of mild to severe hearing loss.

Despite the obvious benefits of using hearing aids, there are certain factors that may draw concern from the wearer. One of these is the appearance of the different hearing devices. It isn’t everyone that is comfortable with the idea of using large external hearing aids. Individuals who constantly work (or those who are frequently involved in social settings) may prefer to use less obvious hearing solutions. For such individuals, invisible hearing aids can be a welcomed solution.

Invisible hearing aids achieve their eponymous feature by incorporating several effective camouflage techniques in their design. This includes being flesh colored, small, and customized to fit the contours of the ear. Most invisible hearing aids are worn partially or completely within the ear canal. One such example is Lyric.

Invisible hearing aid

Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

Lyric hearing aids are designed by the internationally renowned company, Phonak. Lyric hearing aids are worn in the ear canal, deep within the bony portion. The microphone is located a few millimeters from the ear opening with the receiver placed a similar distance from the ear drum.  Once they’ve been inserted, Lyric hearing aids can be won for months at time without adjusting or taking them off. They are described as being 100 % invisible and are quite difficult to discern. Lyric hearing aids are also waterproof making them unaffected by sweat or periods in the shower. More importantly, they are built to be worn for extended periods.

The Lyric is widely agreed to be very effective. Over 90 % of the people who use Lyric hearing aids are satisfied with the performance of the device. Lyric allows people to once again enjoy the experience of listening to natural sounds.

How It Works

Wearers of Lyric will appreciate the soft material from which it is made. To ensure that Lyric functions effectively, it is installed by a trained specialist who will work alongside the audiologist to ensure the best possible setting is being used. Even after the invisible hearing aid has been installed, wearers will still have the opportunity to adjust its volume if the need should ever arise.

Lyric‘s design is carefully developed to work with the natural contours and anatomy of the ear. Once positioned within the ear canal, the invisible hearing aid captures all the sound being channeled by the outer ear and then amplifies the waves. Unlike other invisible hearing aids, there is nothing overly complicated behind the design of the Lyric.

Lyric is designed to take advantage of your ear’s anatomy. Lyric’s unique design and placement works with your ear’s natural contours to deliver exceptional sound quality. Lyric uses the outer ear to naturally direct sound into the ear canal without the need for multiple settings or complicated programs. The sound waves are amplified and then transmitted to the receiver resulting in more natural results. Because the hearing device is located deep within the canal, Lyric is largely unaffected by wind and background noise interference.

Lyric does not need to worn or removed constantly. The battery is capable of lasting several months allowing people to keep wearing it for the same period. Lyric is also moisture proof. It is unaffected by sweat and can be worn in the shower with little risk to the user.



Different brands and styles of invisible hearing aids are available. But there aren’t many that offer the same efficiency as Lyric. Lyric aids can be worn for 24 hrs of the day, all through the week with no discernible loss in quality or sound. For people looking to restore their hearing, Lyric is an attractive choice.

However, before committing to using Lyric, wearers will need to have their hearing tested. Lyric hearing aids cannot be used by everyone and is commonly reserved for individuals experiencing mild to moderately severe hearing loss. An audiologist will be able to determine if people’s hearing needs fits within the Lyric hearing range. People may also require the assistance of a specialist to fit the hearing aid in place.

Resource: http://thehearingfix.com/blog/2012/07/oticon-hearing-aids-reviews-2012/





Sudden Hearing Loss Treatment

Sudden Hearing Loss Treatment

When a person’s hearing ability loses more than 30 decibels over at least 3 adjoining frequencies in less than 72 hours, they are termed to have Sudden Hearing Loss (SHL).  Usually only one ear is affected by this, but in some cases both ears can lose their abilities simultaneously.  It’s common that tinnitus will exist with the sudden hearing loss, usually shown through a ringing in the ear.  Tinnitus is the perception that noises are present when in actuality there is no noise.  Vertigo is also found in forty percent of the SHL cases.


Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss

There can be many possible sources of sudden hearing loss because this is a condition that most often develops in people over the age of 45.  Infections, diseases, immune system malfunctions, neurologic disorders, circulatory problems, drugs, and trauma can all be sources of sudden hearing loss.  There are many possible causes behind SHL making it unlikely that Doctors will determine the exact cause of the damage.


Sudden Hearing Loss in One Ear

Out of all people who experience SHL, 9 out of 10 of them only experience sudden hearing loss in one ear.



The first diagnosis for hearing loss usually comes by observation from the individual experiencing the hearing loss or people that interact with that person.  Following this, a proper evaluation from a physician that can identify possible infections, ototoxic medications, or systematic diseases the patient has.  After this examination, if a person is still experiencing hearing loss, an audiogram is required to properly identify if they have SHL.  Sudden hearing loss is most often identified through this visit to the audiologist where they will test the patient’s ability to hear different sounds at different volumes and frequencies.  Sometimes blood tests are given to rule out systemic causes of sudden hearing loss.  If a patient is suspected of having acoustic neuroma (only 15% of patients) then magnetic resonance imaging can be used to determine if this condition exists in the brain.

Sudden Hearing Loss

Treatments for Sudden Hearing Loss

Depending on the severity of the sudden hearing loss and the causes of the condition, there can be many treatments used to compensate for the hearing loss.  Corticosteroids are one of the most popular and accepted treatment options since studies have shown that these are more effective than placebos.  In 2008, a study revealed that taking a high-dose prednisone taper along with intratympanic dexamethasone therapy could help improve hearing in people suffering from SHL.  Antivirals can also be used as a treatment, especially if there is some condition inducing the hearing loss.

The most extreme forms of treatment involve the use of vasodilators or hyperbaric chambers.  The effectiveness of vasodilators has not been validated yet, but in some cases this can be a solution to the hearing impairment.  Hyberbaric oxygen treatment has also been used in patients that have difficulty with their circulatory systems transferring oxygen throughout the body.  If a patient is a heavy smoker or has circulation problems, this treatment is usually employed along with steroids to combat the hearing loss.

It has been shown that sometimes the sudden hearing loss can vanish and hearing can return to normal levels.  This can be especially prevalent in cases where a patient is suffering from an illness or infection that blocks the transmission of the sound throughout the ear and to the brain.  Sudden hearing loss can also be persistent and will therefore require long-term treatment.  This is most often done through the use of hearing aids to fix the hearing impairment problems. Commonly this isn’t a permanent solution as the hearing will continue to diminish.

Source: Low Frequency Hearing Loss
Hearing Impairment

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Treatments

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

How This Is Classified

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) can also be termed sudden deafness and is a problem where a person experiences a quick loss of hearing.  This problem can occur instantaneously or over the maximum period of 3 days to be classified as sudden sensorineural hearing loss.  When someone experiences a hearing loss problem, it’s important to seek proper medical attention and get examined.


Visiting the Doctor

When visiting the doctor, a hearing test will be given that can detect if a at least 30 decibels of sound is lost in three adjoined frequencies. If this loss of hearing is detected, then a patient is classified to have SSHL.  This sound loss is usually equated to half the volume of a normal conversation.  Usually this hearing loss will only affect one ear, as 90% of people who have Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss experience the loss of sound only in one ear.
Tinnitus1 and SSHL

This hearing loss can be detected by the individual with SSHL in many different ways, but the most common are when they try to insolate sound to the ear experiencing the condition and when there is a loud popping sound in the ear before they lose their hearing.  Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss can also be associated with tinnitus where dizziness or ringing in the ears is present.  Tinnitus is classified as the perception of sound within the ear when there is actually no sound present in the external environment.  Around four thousand cases are identified each year in the United States, but many times Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss will not be identified, as many people suffering from this will recover within a 2-week period.

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Causes of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

It is very unlikely that the exact cause of sudden sensorineural hearing loss in a patient will be identified since the sudden deafness will usually be linked to something in a patient’s medical history.  Less than 15 percent of patients get the exact cause of their SSHL identified.  Some of the possible causes for sudden deafness include:


  • Circulatory disorders
  • Neurologic causes
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Abnormal tissue development
  • Trauma
  • Immunologic diseases
  • Toxins
  • Ototoxic drugs




Treatment of Sudden Deafness

The first approach to treating ear problems are to see a doctor and get the proper diagnosis for the problem and if there is a cause of the sudden deafness that needs to be addressed to recover a patient’s hearing.  Doctors have yet to identify the best method of treatment for Sudden sensorineural hearing loss, but there are many treatments available if one does not resolve the sudden deafness.  The main reason that one specific treatment has not been chosen as the best solution for sudden sensorineural hearing loss is due to the numerous possible causes of the hearing problem that usually have to be treated first before the hearing will be fixed.  Sometimes the solution will be as simple as changing medications the patient is currently taking or by taking antibiotics.

Steroids are the most common treatment for sudden sensorineural hearing loss. The steroids usually are used for many various problems inside the body, but for the ear they can reduce swelling and increase the ability of the body to fight illnesses.  This will also help strengthen the immune system of the patient, which is vital in elderly patients.
Research has also shown that blood flow and air in the ear can be important for preventing SSHL as it can be caused by a lack of oxygen to the inner ear.  For some patients an inhalation of carbogen, a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen, can help improve the air and blood flow inside the ear.  This treatment does however, take longer to treat sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

Conductive Hearing Loss Treatment and Causes

Conductive Hearing Loss Causes and Treatment

Conductive hearing loss can be a major concern for anyone aging.  This hearing disorder is when there is a problem conducting sound waves, which can occur at the eardrum or in the ossicles. This usually results in a decrease in sound level or the diminishing ability to hear sounds that are weak in loudness.  As many readers have experienced with either their own life or dealing with an elderly family member, life can be pretty difficult when the ability to communicate and hear correctly are affected negatively by hearing disorders.

Some Causes Associated With Conductive Hearing Loss

There are many possible causes of conductive hearing loss and these can be permanent depending on the individual affected by hearing loss.  Colds can cause fluids to build up in the head and sinus cavities that can flow into the ear canal and result in fluids being present in the middle ear. This is the cause of the disturbance between the transmissions of sound waves from the middle ear to the eardrum.

Perforated Eardrums

Another problem that can affect the ear is a perforated eardrum.  This can result from many problems such as an infection in the ear.  The infection results in a buildup of pressure behind the eardrum that can stretch the eardrum to the point that it tears.  The conductive hearing loss in individuals can also be the result of trauma to the ear.  Rapid changes in pressure from things like scuba diving or loud noises can cause these problems to arise.  When you have a major trauma such as a wreck, fall, exposure to loud noises or an infection, it’s important to see your doctor before your problems burst your eardrum and cause conductive hearing loss.


Less Noticeable Causes

The list of causes for conductive hearing loss can be vast including tumors, ear infections, allergies, and malfunctions anywhere in the ear.  Things like impacted earwax (cerumen) and swimmer’s ear can also lead to this troubling condition.  It’s important to address these issues and resolve matters if you feel any pain in your hear before the problems get worse.

treatment conductive hearing loss

Symptoms of Conductive Hearing Loss

Along with the causes of conductive hearing loss, the numbers of symptoms that can be used to detect it are extensive as well. Usually if this problem occurs suddenly, it will be associated with one of the problems listed above like scuba diving or infections.  It should be easy to notice these problems because usually a pain will be felt in the ear.  If this is a problem that has been escalating over time, the effects will be harder to notice and usually others will have to point out the fact that a person is having trouble hearing.  This is why it’s important to get regular check-ups, especially as a person ages.  Conductive hearing loss can be a major problem, but it can be resolved with the right treatment.


Treatment for Conductive Hearing Loss

This hearing problem can be treated many ways and the method of treatment will often differ depending on where in the ear the problem exists and what caused this problem. Common methods of treatment for conductive hearing loss include surgery and medical treatment.  Surgery is usually a last option unless the condition and damage is very serious.  Luckily new treatments are being implemented that are safer to use and much less expensive than the traditional treatments listed above.  A new hearing loss treatment pill named The Hearing Fix has broken through barriers to deliver a natural treatment to conductive hearing loss. This pill is backed by many University and Military studies that have shown the ingredients are effective in hearing loss treatment.  It’s important to address conductive hearing loss problems before they escalate into permanent hearing damage.